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We are a trade only supplier and only supply Schoolshops on school premises or Retailers.

Ethical Schoolwear

The clothing industry is an extremely labour intensive industry. Throughout the world one hears of exploitation within apparel manufacturing. Lancashire condemns any such treatment and promotes rather a working environment that is conducive to work/life balance, fair remuneration, skills development and adherence to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act of South Africa.

Lancashire employs approximately 550 employees - as a responsible employer we have the opportunity to make a difference to many lives.

The Envoy brand stands for more than quality clothing, it stands for fair treatment of employees. We believe that our human capital plays a large role in our success as an organisation - we never lose sight of this.

As a “Proudly South African Company” we adhere to strict guidelines set out, including complying with labour legislation and fair labour practice.

We urge parents to take cognisance of where their children’s uniforms come from - support ethical manufacturers! In addition, by supporting Proudly South African companies, you are personally contributing to the creation of jobs for South Africans and the sustainability of the manufacturing industry in South Africa.

We hope that more and more schools in the future will move to adopt ethical procurement policies and insist on manufacturers being accredited with a relevant governing association in respect of their ethical business practices.

Supporting ethical manufacturers is a win-win situation for all. Children are attired in quality garments that will survive the rough and tumble of a schoolyard, but most importantly parents can be assured that any sweat on their children’s clothes is the result of play and not exploitation.