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Proudly South African
We are a trade only supplier and only supply Schoolshops on school premises or Retailers.

The Environment

Lancashire Clothing Manufacturing is conscious of how organisations across the globe can impact on our environment. Each of us by doing the right thing can make a difference! It is with this knowledge that we have applied measures to protect and preserve the heritage of our children and still enable us to deliver on our Customers’ needs in the most efficient manner.

Lancashire is not an organisation that merely claims to be conscious of the environment; we “walk the talk”. In fact, we have been awarded “Proudly South African Company” status for our sound environmental standards. In order to be considered a Proudly South African company, an organisation must be environmentally responsible and adhere to production processes that are environmentally friendly and acceptable. We are extremely proud of this achievement.

We are responsible manufacturers. We ensure that any waste created from necessary energy requirements within the production process is kept below legislated levels. We try as far as possible to ensure a paperless environment, and any paper wastage is recycled accordingly. We also consolidate deliveries, through effective planning, to minimise carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere.

We are continually enhancing our production methods to cater not only for our customer’s needs in quality, efficiency and durability, but also to cater for our environment.

Ultimately we care!